Introduction to Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising is basically paying to sponsor content on Instagram in order to reach a larger and more targeted audience. You can create ads from Instagram once you’ve converted your account to a business account. In addition to creating ads on Instagram directly, you can also use Facebook tools to create ads that appear on Instagram.

Generally, there are three ways to run ads that appear on Instagram:

  • Create ads directly from Instagram. Once you convert your profile to a business account, you’ll be able to promote posts and stories from your Instagram Account.
  • Create ads from your Facebook Page. If you manage a Facebook Page, you can link an Instagram account to that Page. When you create promotions from your Page, your ads can appear on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create ad campaigns in Ads Manager. If you’re familiar with Facebook advertising, Ads Manager provides comprehensive tools to create your ads and you can select Instagram as a placement.

Before creating ads, you should also consider connecting your Facebook Page so that you manage to make the most of our business tools. Instagram and Facebook make it easy!

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