Pricing to Build Your Website

Pricing options for web design and development


A guaranteed working product at the end of the project timeline

Suitable for small to medium-sized projects

Fixed price and a deadline for the entire project

Project Quote (fixed price)

For fixed price quotes, we require partial payment prior to development. In most cases, 50% will be required upfront and then the balance will be due once milestones are reached.


We start all our pricing conversations the same way . . . to find out what you are looking to create, how detailed your initial plans are, and how quickly you need the work completed. We’ll work with you from the outset to mold a realistic understanding of the project’s scope and then help you decide which type of pricing model best suits your objectives. Our pricing takes into account our experience, our hourly rate, our overall costs (includes office overhead, taxes and wages) and the long-term value of consistent communication with and support of our customers.

Get in touch with us below to learn more about which type of pricing plan is right for your project.